Upcoming Auditions

Note: All auditions and rehearsals are taking place at our temporary home -
Elm Street Congregational Church, 61 Elm Street, Southbridge, MA

July 28 & 30: "There's A Monster in My Closet" - youth ages 8 and up (Show Dates: Oct. 4, 5 and 6)

August 25 & 27: "A Murder is Announced" - men and women (Show Dates: Nov. 15, 16, 22, 23 & 24)

More information to follow.


Audition Corner

Ever want to get on stage and entertain an audience? Think that your local community theater may be the place to begin? At Gateway Players Theatre, we welcome anyone who wants to try their hand at acting.

Preparing for an audition
You see the audition posting on Facebook or in the newspaper and decide, "I'm going to do this!" Our suggestions for preparing is to google the play, see what it is all about, perhaps you know the show or can even preview the script. You may know someone who has performed in this show. These ideas will give you insight as to where you fit in, what character you connect with. What is the character's motivation?

Everyone is a little (or a lot) nervous at an audition, but try to take some deep breaths and relax! Smile- look like you want to be here!

When it is your turn, speak up. The director needs to hear your voice. We do not generally use mikes, so it is important to speak clearly and project. Generally the director will give an idea of the roles to be cast, so you will have some information about the characters. It is important to note that the ultimate decision on casting is the directors.

Come dressed comfortably, prepare to meet new people and have fun. Even if you are not cast, the audition experience is always helpful as you seek out more roles.


Gateway Players Theatre | Southbridge, MA