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Board Meeting - Wednesday, Oct 25 at 7pm at the Quinebaug Valley Center for the Arts
111 Main Street, Southbridge.

Gateway Players Theatre membership includes everyone interested in helping the organization grow and continue to be a vital part of the community. The monthly board meetings are open to all.

The organization's continued growth needs the ideas, suggestions and help of everyone interested in Gateway. Please plan to come.


A structural engineer has examined the Barn and informed the Quinebaug Valley Council for the Arts and Humanities that the building has severe structural damage and is not safe to occupy. With a heavy heart, we are sad to say that due to the cost to repair it, we will need to look for a new home for Gateway.

The Gateway Board has already begun to explore what our options are. We have established three committees, a Facility Committee, a Fundraising Committee, and a Grants Committee. We have already identified a few locations which could serve as a temporary location for our productions. We feel that it is vital that we continue to perform shows for the 2018 season. We will have more information about our 2018 shows, and where they will be held, after our October 25th Board meeting.

We have also begun looking into possible spaces for our new theater. We feel that it is very important that we remain in Southbridge. We are estimating that it could take almost three years to find a new location, renovate it, and most importantly, raise the necessary funding to do this. Due to the cost of renting any type of commercial property, we are hoping we can find a person or business in Southbridge that would be willing to provide us with a vacant space that they may own, at a relatively low cost. If you know of anyone in Southbridge who may have space, please contact a member of the Gateway Board directly. We would be looking for approximately 5,500 square feet.

We also will need to begin to clean out the Barn over the next few months. This will include getting rid of many things that we no longer need, as well as putting items we will be keeping into storage. This will require many days to complete. Our first clean out day has been scheduled for SUNDAY, OCTOBER 8TH, beginning at 10am. We will be renting a large dumpster and will need many people to assist us on that day. We ask that anyone who is available to please stop by and help us. We will be setting this up as a Facebook event, so please respond there if you can help. We mostly likely will also be at the Barn on October 14th and 21st to do additional cleanup. Check back on Facebook for confirmation of this.

The most important element of this entire process will be fundraising. We really can’t begin to consider a new location until we raise the funds to do this. We have established the “Gateway to the Future Fund”. All donations and money raised at events will go to this fund. In a few weeks, we will be announcing several fundraising events that will be taking place. In addition, we will be setting up some form of online donation site, reaching out to local businesses in the area, and applying for grants that will allow us to rebuild.

Please check back frequently to both our Facebook page and our website for more information concerning our plans. We would like to thank all of you who support Gateway Players, and community theater. While it is a sad time in terms of losing the Barn, we need to remember that it’s not the building, but all of the members of Gateway that makes it such a special place. Moving forward, we will need your support now more than ever. For the past 42 years, Gateway has been presenting quality theater to the greater Southbridge community. With your help, we are confident that this will continue for many more years to come. If you have any ideas, suggestions, information or questions, please contact any or the Board members listed below. Lou-Ellen Corkum, Kathi Grenier, Barbara Day, Jeanne Dupuis, Mary Gahagan, Mike Dupuis, David Corkum, Pat Haddock, Sierra Trudel, William Guy.

Gateway to the Future Fund

This fund has been established to cover all costs associated with finding a new performance space in Southbridge. We are currently exploring a few different options, and we are anticipating this could take at least two years to find and renovate a new permanent home. We expect the cost to do this could be upwards of $500,000. In the next year we will be holding several fundraisers, reaching out to local businesses in the area, and applying for grants. You can also donate directly on our Facebook Page. Login to your FB account, go to to FB/GatewayPlayers and The "Donate" button is located on the right, below the cover photo. All donations are tax deductible. We thank you very much for your continued support of Gateway Players Theatre.

There are several committees currently working to raise money and make future plans for Gateway. If you would like to get involved, or have ideas and suggestions to share, please contact a committee or board member.

Temporary Space/ Permanent Space: Mike Dupuis, Pat Haddock, Bill Guy, David Corkum, Stewart Haddock

Fundraising: Sierra Trudel, Jeanne Dupuis, Mary Gahagan

Grant exploring: Sierra Trudel, Jim Douglas, Billy Bolster, Lee Anne Madursky, Barbara Day

Storage space: Kathi Grenier



Twizzler Awards - Jan. 30, 2018 - Southbridge Hotel and Conference Center --Tickets $30


Gateway's 2018 Season!

Announcing Gateway's 2018 season. Exact performance dates and locations will be posted in the near future.

"Sex Please We’re Sixty"
February, Directed by Lou-Ellen Corkum

"The Lost World"
April, Directed by Ed Humphries

"Love Sick"
September, Directed by Mike Dupuis

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show"
October, Directed by Bill Guy

"It’s a Wonderful Life" – Radio Show
December, Directed by Mary Gahagan

"Ten Times Two – The Eternal Courtship"
Fundraiser to be held in either May or June, Directed by Joe Sawyer


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